The 5 D's of Communication

Talk & Workshop - 2hours

On-site and remote teams alike rely heavily on all members being able to communicate effectively; both in-person and specially online.

During the course of this talk/workshop combo I'll provide your team with the necessary tools to communicate efficiently and teach them to avoid common (as well as not so common) pitfalls of one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many conversations.


  • 5-10 person team ➡ USD 600
  • 11-20 person team (+1hour) ➡ USD 1100

What the F* is "Full Stack"?!

Talk - 30min to 1hour

It has become all too common to read job posts looking for "Full Stack" developers.

  • What does "Full Stack" even mean?
  • Where did the term come from?
  • Are "Full Stack" devs real or are they unicorns?

These and more questions are answered in a easily digestible talk I've put together for developers of all skill levels.


  • USD 120

React.js from Scratch (for Beginners)

Workshop - Eight 2hour sessions

In this workshop I teach web developers with little-to-no experience with React.js not only the basic concepts, but also how to actually build a useful and scalable React.js application.

Concepts Covered:

  • What is React.js?
  • Comparison between a "vanilla" HTML/JS app vs. a React.js app
  • React.js app folder structure
  • Common React.js development pitfalls
  • Intro to Webpack, Redux, and Next.js
  • How to use Redux properly
  • Project: Build a useful, scalable app using React.js, Redux, and Next.js


  • Development experience with Javascript
  • Knowledge of ES6
  • Experience with Node.js and NPM packages


  • USD 30 per session per student