IT Executive & Media Producer

I’m passionate about fusing together business, technology and multimedia in order to produce useful, elegant and entertaining solutions for humans


About me


I began programming professionally 15 years ago on a Pentium computer running Windows 95.

Started my first business 13 years ago; it was a bio-waste management company.

In 2010 I decided to specialize in Computer Science.

Now I dedicate myself to helping companies put together highly efficient web and app design & development teams with high emphasis on UX and quick turnaround.

So far I've led six projects, failed at leading the first two, four of them have been successful since. I value failure as the best of learning tools and have become well-versed in failing small and fast in order to greatly succeed in the end.

I'm currently:

  • CTO of Kune S.R.L.

  • Member of Rotary Club Heredia, Costa Rica

  • President of Rotaract Club Heredia, Costa Rica

Recent Roles



GoPato / On-site & Remote / May 2018 - August 2018

  • Had a key role in securing a 1.5 million dollar investment.

  • Directed all employees in IT departments to attain the company’s strategic goals.

  • Provided technical leadership and training for the rest of the company.


Co-Founder and CTO

Kune S.R.L. / On-site & Remote / July 2017 - Present

  • Research, architect and develop a strategic plan to build a full-stack cross-platform e-commerce and event management solution for Desktop, Web, and Mobile (iOS) which involves using Facebook’s open-source projects: React.js, and React Native.

  • Communicate with stakeholders and customers to ensure the company’s technologies are developed and used appropriately.

  • Find and recruit top IT talent to incorporate into leadership roles.



(as given on my LinkedIn Profile)

Working with Jean, although in different countries, was a great experience. We could all lean on him for technical help with anything we needed, and he’d get it done every time. He has an impressive depth of technical knowledge, and if we were going down the wrong path, wasn’t afraid to let us know, and would always provide alternative solutions that were better than what we asked for.

I hope to have a chance to work with him again someday soon!
— Steve Parker, Staff DevOps Environment Engineer at DigitalGlobe
Jean is one of the most technically able people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, he is truly a “full stack” developer, every time I asked him a question I was rewarded with not only what I was looking for but also new information valuable to the problem we were trying to solve.

Also a person with a human quality above the average and a friend, I thoroughly recommend him for any position in the tech industry.
— Rod Molina, Technology Manager for DevOps and Cloud Practice at Gorilla Logic
I had the luck to work with Jean in Bosz. He is just amazing on everything he does; detail oriented, methodic, always looking for the best solution and so many other skills which defines him as the great professional he actually is.

If you are looking for someone which expertise is Back End and Front End; he is your guy and please hurry because this talent cannot be found easily.
— Jose Adrián Aleman Rojas, Senior Java Consultant

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